Meyer Award

For Discovery, Innovation and Disruption in Orthopaedics. In honor and memory of Dominik C. Meyer, M.D.


In order to motivate to move orthopedic research, which unfortunately all too often exhausts itself in 'me-too' projects, into the direction of relevant discoveries and genuine innovation, the ResOrtho Foundation has created the «Meyer Award». It is designed to recognize breakthrough discoveries, innovations or disruptions in musculoskeletal medicine.

To be eligible for the award, living individuals must have made paradigm-shifting achievements that have been recognized on at least two continents. The award is presented by an independent, international jury on a three-year cycle and carries a prize money of CHF 100.000.

The Meyer Award bears the name of Prof. Dominik C. Meyer, a highly talented, innovative orthopaedic surgeon who had the talent to change the world, but died before the age of fifty from an incurable disease that could only have been cured by a breakthrough innovation.

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